Dacotah-Victoria Splichalova: I am a researcher, a story-teller, a fisherwoman, a surfer, photography enthusiast, and a native Oregonian.

In my career, I’ve broken new ground on the area of new technologies, women and peace building for the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice housed at the University of San Diego.

While based at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), I carried out research in biochemistry working to elucidate nuclear pore complexes — the proteins that make up the super-highway tunnels by which macromolecules make their moment-by-moment speed-of-light commute both into and out of the cell. Using methods of x-ray crystallography (shooting my lasers), this work was endeavored upon with the collective research group goal of finding a cure for Cancer.

Working as the coastal resilience and adaptation scholar for Oregon Sea Grant, I was tasked to “tell the south coast story.”

The sea of my work has appeared in multiple news organizations and publications including Oregon Public Broadcasting, The Huffington Post, The Daily Astorian and Capital Press, among many others — stretching as far as Malaysia.

A considerable amount of my articles and notable contributions were made possible while working at Oregon State University’s student publication as the Science Reporter.

My research and journalism covers the geopolitical-socio-economic factors of human ecology, in essence, how humans relate to their natural and social built environments, and with this, there seems to be an unavoidable emphasis on all things and currents watery and water related.

I’m currently in pursuit of my master’s of science degree at Oregon State University in Water Resources Policy, and Management Program working under the supervision of my advisor Dr. Aaron Wolf, a trained hydrologist and international water negotiator.

I hold a bachelor of science degree with honors from Oregon State University in philosophy, writing and peace studies, with a focus on environmental philosophy, the philosophy of science and human rights.

In addition to my academics and writing, I am also a trained facilitator and mediator, and am bilingual in Spanish/English.

I am a dedicated Oregon surfer and I enjoy teaching free surf lessons on Saturdays in Newport.

To share your water story or to say hello please contact me at:


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