Dacotah-Victoria Splichalova: I am a water researcher, a story-teller, a fishmonger, a surfer, photography enthusiast, and a native Oregonian.

I have recently completed a year-long sabbatical working as the Communications Officer for SWAN (Sustainable Water Network) in Dublin, Ireland’s only water-focused non-profit organization, as well as a professional fishmonger at Reid’s Fish Market, owned by OCEANPATH in Howth, Ireland.

My research and journalism cover the geopolitical-socio-economic-cultural factors and connections of water. I am especially interested in addressing and investigating potential gaps of water security as it is currently defined to consider the inclusion of non-material dimensions such as culture, values, expressionism, identity and a relational sense of responsibility to other beings. I employ art-based approaches in my work that encompasses videography, photography, narratives, and song.

Currently in pursuit of my doctoral degree at The University of British Columbia in the Resources, Environment, and Sustainability graduate program, I am supervised by Dr. Leila Harris and I am a member of the research group, “EDGES” (Environment and Development: Gender, Equity, and Sustainability Perspectives).

Previously, I completed my master’s of science degree at Oregon State University in Water Resources Policy, and Management Program working under the supervision of my advisor Dr. Aaron Wolf, a trained hydrologist, and international water negotiator.

I hold a bachelor of science degree from Oregon State University in philosophy and writing, with a focus on environmental philosophy, the philosophy of science and human rights.

In addition to my academics and writing, I am also a trained facilitator and mediator and am bilingual in Spanish/English.

I am a dedicated cold water surfer and I enjoy teaching free surf lessons on Saturdays.

To share your water story or to say hello please contact me at:

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