Water Pax:/Latin for peace

This Sea of work has been cultivated based upon a research interest focusing on how people and communities who might not ordinarily come together based on varied interests, do so over shared waters — thinking of water as the fabric that connects all things living, and potentially a bridge for collaboration, peace and resolution within communities who have historically not liaised , and have not seen eye-to-eye with one another about other socio-economic-political issues such as human rights, environmental justice and women’s empowerment.

It’s been seen worldwide, that other natural resources such as oil and timber, have not only caused conflict, but the disputes over these resources have resulted in unfortunate causalities

Water, however, differs.

So, the hot question that the media and governments are asking is, “Will there be water wars?”

To date, there is only one account, dating back some 4,000 years ago within The Fertile Crescent, wherein a life was lost in a water dispute. Because water is in everyone and is the source of life within everything, water has this interesting transformative capacity to bring people together that no other resource has demonstrated.

The articles and stories shared are explorations of water, and specifically, when working on a team with water, how this action may suggest a transformative effect on communities and the historic and immediate misunderstanding they face: civil-war, environmental degradation, starvation, disease, cultural values, transboundary State-to-State disputes, and climate change, and water security to name a few.

But what I would be most interested in discovering is: “What is your water story?”


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