SIXAOLA: Sharing Waters in Central America

Meet the Sixaola River Basin.

The Sixaola River between Panama and Costa Rica is considered by the people as a “living space” where hundreds of people travel from one side to the other, to live, trade and communicate with one another every day. Thus, it is an area that requires comprehensive and joint efforts, supporting active and constructive participation of the different international, national, and local governmental institutions, civil society, indigenous community members and the private sector of both river nations in order to achieve enhanced levels of sustainable water management, and human development for the Sixaola Basin.

Presenting a mini-movie/trailer of the people of the Sixaola Basin — this is their story. The hope is create a platform of discussion on what might be ‘working’ in shared waters, and what can be improved upon in order to enhance water security across this basin, and the many global communities working on similar efforts for the people and environment that are dependent upon their waters, to live.

Watch “Sixaola,” here.





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