Undercurrent: What does water mean to you in your life?

Water resides in the region of BC, Canada. Everybody wants and needs Water. Though some people complain of her for being too ever-present in the weather across the “Rainy City” of Vancouver, and in the rainforests, while others long for her, dismayed by her continued absence. What drives these different connections and relations to Water?

Our new ethnographic film explores people’s connections and relations to water in the greater Vancouver region. The making of “Undercurrents,” attempts to shine a lens on our relatedness to water beyond the more apparent tangible connections such as the quantity and quality of water, but to offer reflections of the socioeconomics, politics, and the equitability of access surrounding water, individuals, community, and a sense of belonging. With increasing variability in rainfall, flooding and drought, water insecurity, both regionally and globally demands critical attention. As such, comprehensive and multi-dimensional understandings of our waters can open space toward developing more focused and sustainable planning measures. Thus, the directed goal for this project is to stimulate conversations about our relationship to our water, with hopes to encourage new learnings and reflections about how we relate to one another on this ever-changing blue planet.

The full film can be viewed, here.

“Undercurrent” is a film by:

Dacotah-Victoria Splichalova

Jade Olaniyan

Marianne Carre Garcia

Michael Harrison


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